The Space Farmer

The Space Farmer

Harlan is a science nerd whose hobby is searching for aliens. When he discovers a tiny anomaly in public data available from SETI researchers looking for extraterrestrial life, he wants to know more. Harlan is puzzled because he knows whatever created the anomaly is not a satellite. He decides to investigate, despite being certain it is nothing.

Using his telescope he is frustrated to find nothing more than a strange wobble he is unable to focus on. Dismissing it as nothing is too easy, and he grows certain something in earth orbit is generating the wobble and unusual SETI data. Deciding he needs help, he emails friends with details of what he found to get a reality check.

But Harlan's email and his interest in the oddity attracts attention. Arthur is the human resident of the flying saucer creating the anomaly and when the alien ship alerts him to Harlan's email, he decides to approach Harlan for help. Secretive government agents are also monitoring the phenomenon while looking for Arthur. By watching for any mention of the anomaly they too learn of the email and they begin following Harlan everywhere.

Struggling with sceptical friends and determined, mysterious government agents is bad enough, but Harlan soon realizes the real challenge is why Arthur needs Harlan's help. With it comes the knowledge his life will never be the same.

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