The Christmas Cafe

The Christmas Cafe

Jonathan Thomas is drifting and on the run from his life two weeks before Christmas when he stops at a seaside town in the Pacific northwest of America. While having dinner in an old cafe beside the beach his curiosity is piqued when he learns the cafe is haunted.

Attracted by the pretty owner of the cafe Jonathan stays in town and is made welcome by the owner's friends. His curiosity grows when he learns they seek to understand why they have a strange, collective sense they are being asked to help the spirit haunting the cafe.

Not even certain how many spirits are present in the cafe they hunt for clues in the past, hoping it will help them better understand what they are dealing with. But as they progress Jonathan soon learns whatever is there is not alone in needing help.

To succeed in fulfilling their collective spiritual task they must overcome the impact of greed in their lives while helping whatever is present in the old cafe to finally move onward.

Want to read the first chapter? Click Chapter One for a downloadable pdf file and enjoy!

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