The Evan Ross Series, The Owen Spence Series, The Christmas Cafe,The Stick Bug Stories, and The Space Farmer

You can purchase all of my works in ebook format on Amazon, which is also the only site you can acquire Dockyard Dog and The Sugar Sands. Using the Amazon search function with any of the book titles or with my name will get you to where you need to be. If you don't have a Kindle you can download a free app for whatever device you use to read the books.

All of my other ebook works are now available on Kobo, Google Play, Apple IBooks, and Barnes and Noble. As with Amazon, use the search function for my name or the book title.

Print versions of my works can also be purchased through Amazon, but these are available in other expanded distribution retail sites such as Barnes and Noble, etc. The search function on your vendor of choice site will tell you whether or not they have my books on offer.

And yes, please do write a review on the Amazon site, Goodreads, or whatever site you purchase a book from. They help and I like reading what people have to say.

Junk Town!, Stick Bugs in School, The Sugar Storm, and The Sugar Wind

Watch for publication details coming soon.

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