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If you enjoy the Evan Ross Series and age of sail nautical fiction you may find authors like Julian Stockwin, Dewey Lambdin, Douglas Reeman, CS Forester and Dudley Pope of interest.

Sites For Historical Fiction Lovers

Historical Naval Fiction is a great fan site specifically for nautical fiction. The Pirates and Privateers fan site is also a great historical fiction resource. If you want to learn more about the greatest sea admiral in history, a visit to The Nelson Society will be worth every second of your time.


I fell in love with rum the first time I travelled to Antigua back in 1976, which was also when I learned the hard way how important it is to drink rum responsibly! The history of rum, The Royal Navy, and the Caribbean are inextricably entined. There are many different rums out there, but a few specific brands keep appearing in my liquor cabinet. English Harbour is a great rum from Antigua itself. Eldorado Rum from Guyana is a true sipping rum you don't want to mix with anything, while Appleton Estate from Jamaica is a perennial favourite.

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