Cat Characters!

A webpage for cat characters? What's with that? Yes, this is the whimsical part of my website. The thing is I think everyone needs a few animals in their life. In my case, I like cats and that explains why I named a few of the cat characters in 'Stick Bugs!' after my real cat friends. Here's your opportunity to meet them!

My name is Oscar!

I've gone to a place now where I have all the kitty treats and toys I could ever want. Everyone misses me a lot!


My name is Shadow!

My owners picked a good name for me, didn't they? My buddy Lyle comes over and hangs out with me when my owners are away. Now where did that piece of string go?


My name is Monty!

I'm a big hunter kitty. My owner says I'm a real character and a friendly guy. My buddy Lyle comes over and feeds me sometimes when my owner is away.


My name is Tucker!

I'm going to be a character in Stick Bugs In School and I'm not even a year old yet. I'm hard to get a good picture of because I'm busy chasing my cat toys!

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